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Mission Statement & Motto

The mission of DJ Todd Charles has always been to, "Treat every client as our most valuable and every event as our most important."

DJ Todd Charles was founded on one simple value right from the beginning: To ensure satisfied clients at each event. 


For this reason, the mission of DJ Todd Charles has always been to, "Treat every client as our most valuable and every event as our most important."  We believe that by doing this, our client’s, and their guests, will be happier, satisfied, look back on this special day with fond memories, and become our best form of advertisement.


We promise to tailor your event to suit your tastes and meet the needs of you and your guests.  We believe that our job is to provide musical entertainment in a manner that suits the desires of our clients.


DJ Todd Charles, is “your perfect wedding day choice." We know and stay true to this motto – It is your day, not ours. Therefore, every event will be handled with the utmost respect and care, to ensure you receive the quality service above and beyond the price you paid for.

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Terms & Conditions


1. Client is responsible for any damage to DJ Todd Charles’ equipment caused by client, venue, or client's guests.

2. The Client is responsible for obtaining required permits and/or authorizations, as well as securing the location of the event with the minimum amount of space and outlets provided, see number 11 of Terms of Agreement.

3. A non-refundable, non-transferable, deposit, is required to secure the date of the Client’s choice. Under no circumstances will the deposit be refunded, however, in the event of a cancellation the deposit can and will be held for up to 365 days from the original event date, to select a new date. Once DJ Todd Charles arrives at location, all contracted monies will be owed. A personal check will not be accepted. Please see invoice for acceptable forms of payment(s).


Without the signed contract AND deposit, the date requested to secure DJ Todd Charles will be afforded to the first individual to complete this action. Verbal commitments or a promise to pay does NOT secure the date.


In the event of an “Act of God” (fire, flood, sever storm, etc.) where the event is unable to take place, Client will have 365 days to reschedule, pending DJ Todd Charles has not started the scheduled event. Once contracted services are started, the agreed upon, contracted rate will be owed in full.

4. Additional hours booked during the event will be billed as overtime in 60-minute increments, the balance of which will be due, in full, by the conclusion of the event.

5. This is a fluid hybrid contract; a non-refundable deposit is the electronic signature that is required.


6. DJ booked within 14 days of receipt of contract and deposit, is subject to a 25% last minute booking fee and will be included in total cost on invoice received.


7. Client acknowledges and agrees that DJ Todd Charles is NOT responsible for any injury occurring to the Client(s), or guests of the client/venue or to any other persons within the area of the event taking place.


8. Client acknowledges, and agrees, that they can, and will, be held liable for any damages to DJ’s equipment caused by themselves, guest(s), or venue/contracted event staff member(s). This does not apply to DJ Todd Charles’ staff and assistance.

9. In the event of non-payment, DJ Todd Charles retains the right to attempt collection through the court system. The Client will be held responsible for all court fees, legal fees, and collection costs incurred by DJ Todd Charles, in response of non-payment.

Personal checks will not be accepted as a form of payment.

10. It is understood that if this is a "Rain or Shine" event, DJ Todd Charles’ compensation is in no way affected by inclement weather. For outdoor performances, the contracted Client shall provide overhead shelter for setup area. The DJ reserves the right, in good faith, to stop or cancel the performance, should the weather pose a potential danger to them, the equipment, or the guests/audience. Every effort will be made to continue the performance; however, safety is paramount in all decisions. The DJ's compensation will not be affected by such a cancellation.

11. Client shall provide DJ Todd Charles with safe and appropriate working conditions. This includes at least a 12-foot by 12-foot area for setup, space for setting up speakers, lighting stands, table(s), and all other equipment.


DJ Todd Charles requires a minimum of one 20-amp circuit outlet from a reliable power source within 50 feet (along the wall) of the set-up area. This circuit must be free of all other connected loads. Any delay in the performance or damage to the DJ's equipment, due to improper power supply, is the responsibility of the Client. Two circuits are preferred, where possible. Additional outlets, on separate circuits, for lighting are required.


12. Client shall provide crowd control if warranted. This will not be the responsibility of the DJ. Should the venue need to impose certain limitations, crowd control, or other aspects that the Client and guests need to be aware of, it is not the responsibility of DJ Todd Charles to interrupt the event for these reasons. Please contact your venue to arrange how to manage this aspect, should this occur. DJ Todd Charles will work with the Client, if it is requested by the venue, to utilize his equipment for such needs (i.e. microphones).    


13. Client shall furnish directions to place of engagement at least 3 days to 2 weeks prior to event.


14. The client is responsible for paying any charges imposed by the venue for DJ services. These charges may include, but are not limited to, parking, use of electric power, fire marshal (for use of fog, water sprinklers, et al.), etc.


15. Any questions or concerns need to be addressed prior to signing of a contract with DJ Todd Charles.

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